About me

Born and raised in Southern Germany, I have lived and worked in various places around the world. I earned my healthcare degree in 1998 and participated in a public health project in Mexico. I also worked in Australia and in the United States. Once back in Germany, I decided to pursue my other interests: language and communication. In 2007, I obtained a degree in translation and started working full-time as a freelancer. Years later, I completed a PhD in the Department of Modern Languages at Aberystwyth University (UK) where I taught German language classes and courses in the Applied Translation MA programme. I now reside in Berlin working as a freelance translator and translation coordinator/in-house translator for Amnesty International.


I am interested in language – and therefore in translation – in its social context. My main research interests focus on the translation of Shoah survivors’ (audiovisual) testimony for educational purposes, and feminist approaches within translation studies. Furthermore, I have been actively engaged for many years in political groups and initiatives addressing subjects such as antifascism, politics of memory in Germany, and feminism.