Texts written for the social sciences and material created for educational purposes require a particular set of translation skills. There is a lot more to translation than just replacing words with their equivalents in the target language. As an academic myself, I am very familiar with academic writing and the usage of expert terminology. My experience in the field of historical-political education has led me to fully comprehend the particular translation requirements of this subject matter.

It is also important to take the target cultural context into consideration when translating. In order to achieve the highest level of quality in both working languages, we often work in a bilingual team. This is the ideal condition for an excellent translation.

In addition to my individual customers, I enjoy working with smaller political and social initiatives and projects, as well as larger organizations, which appreciate my individualized service and technical know-how.

My working languages are English, Spanish, and German. Should you be looking for another language combination, I would be happy to connect you with a suitable professional translator from my network.

Areas of Expertise: Some translation agencies promote themselves as being an all-in-one translation service, offering translations into all languages and in all specializations. I do not believe in that approach. You can rest easy knowing that—even though I don’t claim to be good at everything—what I say I can do, I do exceptionally well.

Native Speakers: I translate exclusively into my native language, German. The same is true for all of the professional translators from my network. All our translations are either the result of innovative cooperation with proofreaders or are edited by qualified native speakers. This enables us to provide you with both the highest linguistic quality, as well as the assurance that the material can be smoothly integrated into its target cultural context.

A second set of eyes: For complex texts we apply the principle of dual control, in which a translation is double-checked and revised by a second translator before delivery. This additional proofreading step guarantees high quality translations as well as a coherent text structure.

CAT Tools: Computer assisted translation software systems like TRADOS or MemoQ have become integral parts of our work routine as translators. Thanks to many years of professional experience, I have gained in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience with the most relevant translation tools. Project-specific database systems facilitate meeting the stylistic and terminological requirements of my clients, and help the team work together quickly on large projects.

Translation costs are calculated based on a variety of factors, such as level of difficulty, word count, and delivery deadline. My fees are based on those suggested by the professional association Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators (Bund der Dolmetscher und Übersetzer e.V., BDÜ). Please feel free to contact me for a non-binding quote for your translation project.